( ACF)  Means (ASSOCIATION OF COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS) It Is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the core objectives of promoting the advancement of & formal vocational education and skills acquisition, advancement in the field of ICT, Health, Humanitarian services and engaged fully in the actualization and realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Part of the activities of the Association includes capacity building and Manpower Development. The Association has partnered and partnering with other NGOs, CBOs, CSOs and bodies towards equipping the general public more especially youths with ICT Skills, Health Campaigns & Services, Enlightenments, Entrepreneur Development E.t.c.

( ACF ) looks Beyond your self

ACF has in its stride provided succour to the less priviledged persons in our society. As part of its commitment to elevating the standard of living of volnerable and down trodden person, it has provided. Shelter, Palliative relief material, Education & skills acqusition  and health care support amongs other.

Media Advocacy

Media advocacy on entrepreneural and skills acquisition proram to promote, Self reliance, to reduce Social ills in our society.


Agricultural promotion in food security, Engaging the youth in ( GREEN HOUSE ) technology as well as encouraging self employment through, agriculture. (GHT)

Our Objectives

  1. To Promote the advancement of vocational education and skills acquisition.
  2. To Promote and advance scholarship in all fields of human endeavors especially, in information and communication technology in Kano State.
  3. To Promote and advance the full participation of youth in programs aimed at the eradication of communicable diseases in collaboration with other non-governmental organization (NGOs).
  4. To Promote and advance the cause of eradication of street begging.